5 Tips For Better Cover Letters

1. Think Like A Recruiter
Don’t just list your experience and achievements. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and think: ‘What would be useful for me in making this decision?’ Tailor your letter accordingly.

2. Be Specific
Don’t just say, ‘I have experience of x and y.’ Take the time to explain in clear, simple language how your experience of x and y qualifies you for the role.

3. Be Succinct
Don’t ramble. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and simple. Recruiters may be reading dozens, even hundreds of applications and they’re not going to turn more than one page of yours.

4. Be Relevant
Don’t carry on about your Scout badges, gap year adventures, former employers, hobbies, or anything else does not directly address the job description. Only mention volunteer experience, travel, etc if it pertains to the role.

5. Proofread
Don’t sabotage your chances with sloppy spelling, bad grammar or careless editing. Read and reread your letter. Once you think it is perfect pass it on to at least one other person for a rigorous, objective read-through.

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