Words That Work

Freedom is a challenge. You decide who you are by what you do. ~Hunter S. Thompson

A writer and journalist for over 15 years, I use my award-winning writing and razor-sharp analytical skills to dissect the beauty and madness of the world.
My passion is creative non-fiction or what the great John McPhee preferred to call “factual writing”. Whether writing literary essays, music criticism, opinion columns, profiles, or features I strive to discover and artfully reveal deep truths about who we are and how we live.

My areas of interest include:

+Music journalism
+Travel writing
+Book & film reviews
+Feminist readings of popular culture
+Socio-economic analysis (especially education, health care and reproductive rights)
+Stories about people living outside the lines
+Running and yoga
+Plant-based nutrition

As a freelance writer I naturally turn my hand to a variety of ‘pen for hire’ work including:

+Web Content
+Event Reporting
+Internal Communications
+Consulting & Branding
+Bios and Press Releases
+Social Media Management

For more information or to hire/commission me contact CilaWarncke@gmail.com

Visit Creative Writing Ibiza to learn about my writing course in Ibiza, Spain.

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